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  • In the event that the venue has to cancel a consultation, Tarot Reading or course, all fees will be refunded in full.
  • Psychic reserves the right to defer, reschedule or change the course tutor of any course or workshop if circumstances demand.
  • Refunds cannot be given once an event has started.
  • Psychic Sybella also reserves the right to preclude a student from joining a course that they have enrolled for, if the student has missed the first two or three classes in succession.

Anyone wishing to take part in any event or activity is embarking on a personal journey of investigation and exploration that should not be entered into lightly. Everyone should take personal responsibility for themselves, and attendance at consultations, lectures, courses, workshops and any other events are at the individual’s own risk without liability on the part Psychic Sybella. Please inform Sybella of any medical condition and any prescription drugs or medications taken regularly. No person using recreational drugs or alcohol on a regular basis can be considered for courses, workshops or other events. Sybella reserves the right to ask a student to leave a class, workshop, lecture, demonstration or other event  at  her discretion.

Participants are advised to book as far ahead as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • To reserve a place on a workshop/lecture/course, payment must be made in full at the time of booking.
  • Cheques should be made payable to ‘Sybella Loram.
  • Booking by post must include payment, full details of the booking details
  • Sending fees by post is no guarantee of receipt by the Psychic Sybella.
  • Disabled Access and Parking
  • Please check with us before booking as car parking is limited.
  • Please check with us before booking regarding disabled access.

Make a Booking

You can make an appointment for readings using the booking system below. Please call to book Parties and Workshops.


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Important Details

  • One-to-One Readings – Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to make the most of the full session.
  • Telephone Readings  – Please choose an appointment time and be sure to make full payment in advance
  • Email Readings – Please choose an appointment time when I can call you to acquire the appropriate information such as D.O.B, etc.
  • For counselling readings it is more appropriate for one to one readings as this takes on different skills, however, other arrangements can be made.
  • For the weekend workshop, both telephone and email is required for accommodation issues and spaces.   (Due to popularity, again please book early to avoid disappointment).
  • For Tarot parties I will need confirmation of number of people and fuel money for over 20miles.

FOR DETAILS & BOOKINGS CALL: 07925 299995 or landline:  01823 971338

Please be aware cancellations must be made within 14 days of booking unless Sybella cannot make the appointment in which case a transfer to another appropriate date will be offered.  Should the client need to cancel under medical or extreme circumstances alternative arrangements can be made.

All deposits made to Psychic Sybella will be receipted via our automated service with a hard copy including a map to the location, parking available including disabled and local B and B’s etc. This will include dates, times and eating facilities.

Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at any time on the above numbers.


hank you for chosing Psychic Sybella